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What is Firewalking?

Firewalking has been practiced for hundreds of years. It consists in walking barefoot over in between 400°C to 600°C hot coals. If You would like to gain a deeper understanding about this topic and learn something about the old traditions, then  continue reading here…

Why Firewalking?

These intense seminar formats help people to get their fears under control and to overcome existing barriers and limitations to be sustainably productive and motivated. To find out how and why forward-thinking companies like Remax, AT & T, Microsoft and Coca Cola make use of firewalking seminars,
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Direct Benefits?

Concentrated focus
Reinforced team spirit
Fluid communication
Sustainable motivation boost
Increased (self-) confidence
Strengthened anchor
If You wish to discover what a day’s programme could look like have a look here..

What event types are there?

Different teams have different needs and characteristics. Perhaps a more fluid communication would be desirable, or possibly the team spirit is not very strong, maybe even both. To learn more about our different event focusses, read on here..

There are over
Ancient Firewalking traditions
First Firewalks
2015 BC
People have walked on fire
Up to
Are reached in a Firewalk
„Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.“Henry Ford

What do our clients say?

„Dear Milo, dear Manuel,
Thank you so much for the realization of an unforgettable summer event!
Nobody has ever led me over my limits in such a charming way!
Breaking arrows with the neck, smashing a wooden board with bare hands, walking barefoot over broken glass and then over hot coals… All of the 150 employees participating at this event would have sworn to do none of these things. With the highly competent instructions and support of you, however, all made the previously unimaginable possible.
Many thanks for that, you have created a sustainable memory and given the impossible a chance.“

– Simone Düsing, Head of HR Switzerland, Synlab

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