Frequently Asked Questions

A Firewalk is a very special experience, which will trigger all kinds of emotions even before the actual experience. You might feel enthusiasm and curiosity and ask Yourself „What lies behind it?“ or „Is it even possible?“ Maybe You feel a little anxiety and concerns „What kind of effect could it have on my life?“ or „Could I burn myself?“ It is also possible that You are so excited about this, that the only question in Your mind is „When does it finally start?!“. For many of these questions, You will find an answer here, and if this is not the case, then we are happy to personally answer them for You. Simply write us an E-Mail or call us. We hope You enjoy the reading!

Firewalking questions

The answer to this question has two facets. If a Firewalk is performed by untrained / inexperienced personnel or without any preparation whatsoever, it can be very dangerous. If a Firewalk is on the other hand carried out by professionally trained personnel, then the risk can be minimised as much as possible. However, in the end we still walk over hot embers and there is always a minimal risk to feel some tingles or to get small blisters – „fire kisses“.

People often come to us with concerns, because they find it difficult to strongly focus on something. This is not a problem because we will slowly prepare You for the Firewalk and do many other exercises beforehand. These will teach You the necessary skills, so that You are optimally prepared for it.

Firewalking and trance have nothing in common with each other. During the Firewalk, You are always fully conscious and witness and control Your own actions.

Obviously no one is forced to walk over hot coals. To make the decision to not do a Firewalk, is an equally important decision as the one to do it. We promote an unforced atmosphere in which everyone can make the right decision for themselves.

Usually it has a length of 3 – 4m and a width of 1m.

The embers are usually in between 400°C and 600°C hot, but the temperature depends on many factors. First, the wood plays an important role (the wood of olive trees can reach temperatures of over 800°C), second, it also depends on factors such as the composition of the subsoil, the weather (strong winds) and the height of the coal carpet.

The embers originate from the remains of the wood pile, which we will build and light together. The wood type that we most frequently use is beech wood, which generates temperatures in the above mentioned range.

Of course! You can repeat the experience several times to refresh past memories and to gain new experiences. It fills Your energy batteries with new flames and heat that help You to overcome challenging situations in everyday life. At the same event it is also possible to Firewalk several times, as long as You do not get distracted and maintain Your focus.

The primary goal of a Firewalk is to teach You how to be in control of Your fears. The fear of fire is ancient, because for over 125.000 years mankind has used fire and knows that we can burn ourselves. We can assure You that we will slowly prepare You for the Firewalk and that in the decisive moment You will have everything that You need to face Your fears and to say „Yes, I can!“.

Workshop questions

No prior knowledge is needed, because You will learn everything at the seminar. It is important that You have stamina for an intense 7 – 8 hours long event and furthermore are in the physical condition to be able to walk at a fast pace.

The event will usually not take place at a fixed location. We always try to organise our workshops in Your area, if there is a suitable place nearby for such an event.

A standard day event will take in between 6 to 8 hours, depending on the prioritisation of the program points. If a longer and more profound event is desired, for example two days over a weekend, this is of course also possible.

It is important that You bring outdoor clothing, which is adapted to the season. Good footwear is also recommended. In addition, You could bring a small gift for another person You might not yet know, but possibly get in touch with during the seminar.

Of course! If Your companion wants to participate as a spectator in the event, he or she is very welcomed. If You are a person who struggles to be alone, or to settle into new groups, then we can assure You that You will very soon be included in the group and be at ease.

It is fundamental that all the participants are present at the event day, on time and that the group is complete. The different programme points build up one on another, which is why it is not possible to come at a later point in time.

It is very important that You are always fully conscious and able to act during the event. Therefore, the consumption of consciousness influencing substances is prohibited before and during the event day. After the Firewalk, this rule is obviously cancelled again.

Other questions

In this type of workshop everyone will gain in-depth experience that will challenge each participant in a different way and take them to their limits. The achievement, to learn how to overcome barriers and obstacles, to master Your fears and anxieties, will produce a great feeling of happiness and a strong motivational boost. You will learn to break out from the „Limiting Belief System“ and to make this to Your own benefit. In moments when life is giving You a hard time, You will remember the Firewalking experience and You will be able to draw a lot of strength and energy from these emotions and memories.

The costs depend on many factors such as: number of participants, duration and focus of the event, location and catering. If You would like to request a quote, then call us or write us an unbinding E-mail. We are looking forward to answer Your request!

We will attach the general terms and conditions to our offer.

Conditions of participation



Every participant is responsible for him or herself before, during and after the seminar. Participation requires a normal physical and mental capacity, which You confirm by coming to our workshop. Participants will pay for any damage caused to property or health themselves and free the organizers and coaches of all liability claims. Personal insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

Use of recording devices

For the entire duration of the workshop, participants allow the organisers or a hired professional to take pictures or to use audio and video recording devices. These materials can be used and published for promotional purposes for future events. An entitlement to a payment is in principle not provided. Each participant has the right to object to this approval in advance, a subsequent appeal is not possible anymore.