When it comes to evaluating to what extent and how sustainably the personalities have developed through our events, we prefer to let our participants share their impressions. In the following You find selected references, divided into two different categories: References of companies / groups and references of individual participants – „Voices“.

„Dear Milo, dear Manuel,
Thank you so much for the realization of an unforgettable summer event!
Nobody has ever led me over my limits in such a charming way!
Breaking arrows with the neck, smashing a wooden board with bare hands, walking barefoot over broken glass and then over hot coals… All of the 150 employees participating at this event would have sworn to do none of these things. With the highly competent instructions and support of you, however, all made the previously unimaginable possible.
Many thanks for that, you have created a sustainable memory and given the impossible a chance.“

Simone Düsing, Head of HR Switzerland, Synlab Suisse SA

„Dear Manuel, dear Milo,
lightly, relaxed and with a lot of fun, but also with the necessary seriousness both of you prepared a very special event for us.
Prior to the event, my wife and me would not have bet to bend arrows with the neck, to walk on hot coals or on broken glass. But with the help of Your absolutely competent support throughout the whole event, we felt safe in completely all tasks and easily overcame our fears. It is noteworthy that this „self-consciousness-injection“ has persisted up to nowadays (almost one year later).
We can highly recommend You.
With our best regards, Alex and Conny“

Alexander Traut, Executive Director of Augenoptik Traut GmbH

„Dear Milo, dear Manuel,
thank you for an excellent training for our academic association. I have to admit, when I heard about the firewalk at first, I was highly skeptical. But I let both of You convince myself, as well as the 30 other members of our association in only a few hours.
Our academic association has strongly weaved together through this event. Finally seeing how everyone has overcome his or her own limits in just one day and walked over the fire, that was just amazing.
I absolutely recommend HoneggerBauer to everyone who wants to overcome his or her own barriers and furthermore to any group that wants to grow together to an unbeatable team.
The positive and energetic atmosphere that You spread out that day, I still remember it to the present. Many thanks to You for an unforgettable day and I look forward to walking over fire again soon!“

Christian Bohres,
Chief Executive off duty, Association of German Industrial Engineers
(Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure Karlsruhe e.V.)


„Personally speaking, the Firewalk was a unique experience, which has not only given great joy to us, but it has also been a great enrichment for everyone. Special thanks to the professional coaches Milo Honegger and Manuel Bauer, who brought – in a short space of time – a special atmosphere of trust and group cohesiveness, in which the overcoming of one’s own inhibitions was as easy as anything. Looking back, I can hardly believe how quickly I overcame my fears and dared the walk over the burning fire. I strongly recommend this event.“

Désirée Beck

„Dear Manuel, dear Milo,
after I got persuaded to try out firewalking, I signed up and arrived with many reservations at the event. I would have never thought that I could break a pointed arrow with my neck or would dare to walk barefoot through a fire. I have rarely had such an impressive experience in my life and afterwards I was so euphoric that I have felt extremely good!
I wish You many more great events! Keep going!“

Eva Denecke

„A unique experience, to which we always like to think back to. At first I had big doubts and fears to cope with the various tests. Since the two coaches have not only encouraged all of us to strengthen our self-confidence, but also brought us to our limits, we have always trusted ourselves and the other people, who we hardly knew beforehand. At the end of the day everyone left with a very good feeling. Now we have the power to unroot trees …“

Eva Eisenmann

„It was the most extraordinary birthday within a long time! And I’ve learned that borders only exist in our mind. In reality much more is possible than you might think.“

Julia Fleischmann

„Your seminar was indeed outstanding, an unforgettable memory and a priceless experience.“

Ferdinand Vogt

„The event has helped me to overcome my fears and to face my challenges.“

Giuseppe Chirico

„The Firewalk in 2014 at my home will be kept in good memory. Although I have – according to my 50 years of life experience – tried a lot of stunning things, I had to go beyond my limits participating at your seminar. The Firewalking-Event is a challenge that everyone should face, at least once in a lifetime.
As the saying goes: experience makes you smart.“

Günter Bauer

„Great day with two great coaches. Highly recommended without ifs and buts.“

Hannes Herrmann

„The Firewalk was a lot of fun and a very special experience. Initially I had doubts whether I would have the courage to walk on the hot coals. But the two highly motivated and well-trained coaches motivated me in a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of walking over the burning fiery carpet.“

Johannes Denecke

„The Firewalk was an extraordinary experience, which I really enjoyed. The overall concept was just perfect: the location was sealed off, so our group was among itself and we were able to take a break from everyday life. The ‚warm-up‘ phase ensured that we didn’t need to jump into cold water (or better onto hot coals), so after a nice BBQ dinner we all achieved what in the morning many of us thought was impossible: We walked barefoot over hot coals!“

Julian Germek

„It was an unforgettable experience. It makes You rethink Your own definition of what is possible and what is impossible. If someone came to me and asked me to walk over glowing hot coals, I would have said: „You are crazy, that is impossible.“ THEN I DID IT.“

Reza Amir-Alikhani

„One does not walk over fire every day. Manu and Milo have turned it into an unforgettable experience that I will remember with pleasure.“

Tim Zülch