Why Firewalking?

After setting ourselves apart with the questions „What is Firewalking“ and „How is it possible“, we can now devote ourselves to the „why“. Why would You take such a bizarre decision to go over hot coals, with the knowledge that even with a competent preparation „something“ could still happen?

It is obviously understandable that You still have Your doubts at this point. However, we encourage You to read on and we assure You that in the end there are more reasons for doing a Firewalk than there are reasons for doubt.

Which famous people have already attended a Firewalk?
Many well-known personalities such as Hillary and Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Carrie Fisher, Bette Midler, Danny DeVito, Charlie Sheen, Shirley MacLaine and Neil Patrick Harris have recognised and made use of the uniqueness and potential that lies behind Firewalking.

Celebrities that have walked on fire

Which companies have already taken advantage of the potential of a Firewalk?
In addition, there are also many global companies such as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Remax, AT & T, American Express, Burger King and EMC2 that regularly offer these kind of seminars to their employees.
The main goals are to increase the motivation and self-development of employees, cohesion, a reinforced team spirit, a strong focus and smooth communications in between all employees, departments and seniorities. All of these factors help You to prevail in today’s globally competitive markets and to achieve the desired success.

Famous companies that made use of Firewalks

To walk over fire, means to overcome the ego and thus the abandonment of limitations and captivity.W. Honegger
What are personal benefits?
On the personal level a Firewalk is also very rewarding. You learn to perceive the fire and the flames as a metaphor for Your barriers and fears. For each one of us, there are all kinds of things that we have long longed for, things that fascinate us and that we have always wanted to do in our lives – whether it is to take a language holiday in a foreign country, to jump out of a plane, to reveal our true feelings to our partner, to stand up for our interests or to take a challenging test. After experiencing a Firewalk, no matter whether as a Firewalker or „only“ as a spectator, these „mini-daily-Firewalks“ will become much easier to handle, because we can always take a step back and recall the energetic atmosphere of a Firewalk
Fears clip the wings of our wishes and desires. M. Bauer
and retrieve the power to cope with the current challenges and difficult situations. In conclusion, these intense seminars will help You to handle Your unfounded fears and to break through Your limits, so that You can personally and professionally get to the next level. Through the fire You unblock Your thoughts and unleash paralyzed wishes so that You can be exactly as You want to be.

Our workshops and seminars are designed in a way, that the challenge increases noticeably from hour to hour. Herein, it is fundamental that people realize that they can accomplish any challenge and that the decision to do so simply happens in their minds. In this way, the participants get a step-by-step preparation for the Firewalk and have all necessary resources when the time has finally come to master this final challenge.

Amongst all tools, You can be absolutely sure that Firewalking is the one with the fastest and most sustainable long-term effects. If You want to discover what an exemplary daily programme could look like, You should have a look around here.

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